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 Providing the Montney and Duvernay formations in Alberta Canada with reliable, safe and efficient site services. For all oil and gas fluid management, reclamation, and daylighting requirements.


Utilizing our specialized fleet of 2018-19 tri drive power units, configured in tri-tri 46 m³  straight can or 51 m³ tri quad, we haul oil field production fluids, flow back, condensate and heavy oil in either stainless or lined aluminum tanks.


We also provide methanol, fresh water and heated water delivery.


Our fleet of 6  combo vacs built by Westtech here in Alberta Canada are available for frac support, tank cleaning, turnarounds, line flushing and bore support. All of our combo operators have at least 5+ years in the industry and it's these experienced individuals that ensure jobs run efficiently, on time, and under cost.


Big Hill's semi vacs are all tri tri truck and trailer units with a max capacity of 30 m³. These large capacity units are ready to haul  anywhere in western Canada, from fort St. John to Estevan and Norman Wells to Rimby.


Ask us about NORMS hauling.


Big blowers, big wash pumps, big hoses, Big Hill's hydro vacs can cut and move material fast  and efficiently.

Partner these units with one of our semi vacs and

we can haul more code and non code material then any other company in western Canada.


Big Hill Site services stocks Uni-Green products

Big Hill Site Services stocks Uni Green, Uni Bright,

Uni Clean, U-HCi15, U-SCAV and BioSolve Pink Water.


Used for :

  • Vapour Suppression

  • Tank Cleaning

  • Soil Remediation

  • Spill Clean Up

  • LEL Knock Out

  • H2S Scrubber


Energy Safety Canada, ISN, Complyworks, Safety Sync

  • COR Certified

  • ISNetworld: A+ Compliance Rating

  • Comply Works: Low Risk (Green) 100% Compliance Rating

  • TRIF: 0.00



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